Personalized Chocolate bars to make your next event Extra Sweet!
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Personalized by Design  NEWS!
Dark Chocolate  bars are now available! 
To order, simply choose DARK CHOCOLATE on personalization page!

PLEASE NOTE: Hershey changed the packaging of their Chocolate Bars
Since 9/1/04 all orders are filled with our new Delicious 1.55 oz. Delicious Milk Chocolate Candy bars

Because of the change in packaging we were faced with increases in our production materials and labor costs
In an attempt to NOT to pass these increases to our customers, we have found an alternative chocolate bar.

Some companies are simply putting personalized wrappers over the Hershey's® wrapper--leaving the brown edges sticking out.  We felt this presentation simply was not as much fun or had enough quality for us to offer as a favor, so we began overwrapping the Hershey bar in foil.  Though they looked like the traditional candy bar look, we found it raised our expenses by adding to production time and the cost of the foil.  Recently, Hershey also raised their price for the bars quite drastically. 

Shortly after the Hershey's wrapper change, we began searching for a replacement bar that we felt comfortable offering to our customers.  Finally, after much searching (and taste testing!), we have found a bar which we feel is of high enough quality to offer to our customers!  Our new creamy milk chocolate candy bars (available in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate) are the same size and weight as the traditional Hershey® bar.  And most important, we think the taste and quality exceeds that of the over wrapped Hershey® bars! 

For those fans of the Hershey bars, we will still be offering the Hershey's bar over wrapped in foil paper.  However, due to the added cost for the foil, additional production time and recentl price increase, the price for the Hershey bars is 35¢ / bar added to our standard bar pricing.  Please see FAQ's|>>for more information

You may still order WRAPPERS Only and supply your own chocolate. 
Wrapper only orders include:  Personalized wrappers, Silver Foil Sheets, Glue stick and Easy instructions for wrapping! 
(ask about our other Foil colors available!)


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Personalized Chocolate bars to make your next event Extra Sweet!
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