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We use a delicious creamy Milk Chocolate Bar (rather than a plain old 'overwrapped' Hershey Bar!)

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Frequently Asked Questions and Terms of Use

Our standard 1.55 Milk Chocolate bars are creamy and delicious milk chocolate candy bar that comparable in size and weight to a Hershey bar.  In taste tests we have conducted 28 out of 30 people preferred the NEW bar over the Hershey bar!  We purchase these bars in bulk from a private label chocolate manufacturer.

By now, most people are aware that Hershey changed their packaging of most of their chocolate bars.  With the change of their packaging from their traditional wrapping (the well-known and beloved look with the Foil and Paper) to a pillow-type (sealed plastic) wrapper, we had to overwrap these bars with foil* before placing our Personalized Festive wrappers over them so to keep the novelty and the 'traditional' look of a chocolate bar.  We felt simply putting personalized wrappers over the brown plastic wrapper was not acceptable as a quality favor.  This increased our labor and material costs.

In addition, after re-wrapping, some of our customers let us know that they ended up being unhappy with the fact that they had to remove 3 wrappers to get to the chocolate.  They reported that by the time they did get the original Hershey bar, it was broken and crumbled.  Please note, they were not unhappy with our personalized product, but with the change in the Hershey bar.

Due to the cost of the added foil and the cost of additional labor time, it was becoming costly for us to produce the bars this way, without raising our prices.  So, rather than raise our prices we found these replacement bars, which allows us to continue to offer standard bars at the same prices.

*For sanitary purposes, we keep the original wrappers as packaged by Hershey on the bar.  We suggest, when ordering wrappers only, you also leave the original wrappers on.

What is your cancellation policy?
There are production and processing fees involved for each order.  Below is our fee schedule for cancellations.
Your order can be cancelled if we have not created a proof or done any work on your order.  There is a $5.00 cancellation fee if it is not made within 48 hours of placing the order.

There is a $10.00 cancellation fee if we have entered your order and sent you a proof, but have not charged your credit card.
There is a $15.00 cancellation fee if we have entered your order and sent you a proof, and have also authorized credit card.

Once we have printed your order, it CANNOT be CANCELLED in full.  We will credit for the following:
If it is not shipped, we will credit for candy, but NOT for the wrapper portion.
We will also credit for shipping if you don't want the order shipped.

Yes, we can provide you with other color foil on our new bars, however the process becomes the same as over-wrapping, so there is an additional
$0.15 cent per bar charge to add colored foil.  The reason it is a little less than the Hershey option is because the new bars are easier to overwrap than the Hershey bars, which have the 'tabs'.  The tabs are hard to work with and we have to take extra time to make sure the tabs do not 'poke' through the foil.

We will still keep a small inventory of the Hershey bars for those customers who don't mind the triple wrapping, however due to additional production cost and labor time, we had no choice but to raise the price of the Hershey bars by $0.35 cents.

ALSO, we are still offering the WRAPPER ONLY* option for the Hershey bars if you would like to purchase chocolate bars at a local store.
We offer with our wrapper only option, Pre-cut FOIL and a Glue stick.

Orders outside of United States must be "wrappers only". Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii require Air shipping, so ordering wrappers only are more economical.  We will ship via Global Priority, however there is no way to determine transit time.  Orders that must be shipped out of the US should be ordered at least 30 days in advance, unless Expedited shipping method is used.

Where can I purchase chocolate bars?
Costco, Sam's, BJ's or any wholesale club usually carry Hershey's Milk Chocolate and Nestlé bars
in boxes of 36 at around $17 per box.

How do I place the wrapper around the candy bar?
It's very simple! We include a glue stick and always a couple of extra wrappers to practice!
The wrappers are sized to fold around the bar with the original wrapping left on, which makes it Sweeeetly Easy to wrap.

First, if you have Chocolate bars with the New Packaging, you can wrap with foil first and then place the
personalized wrappers over it, by following the instructions below:

    With the bar face down, place chocolate bar in the center of wrapper
    Fold the blank portion over the foil.
    Before gluing, fold the other side (back of bar) over and line up edges.
    Let the printed side up and place a light line of glue (we send
    PURPLE non-toxic glue so you can see where it goes) on the blank area.
    Fold the back design up and over. If it is not lined up properly, you
    should have about 30 seconds or more to carefully lift wrapper from
    glued area and re-position. Turn over and be sure the front is
    centered. If it is not, simply slide the wrapper until it is.

*For sanitary purposes, we keep the original wrappers as packaged by Hershey on the bar.  We suggest, when ordering wrappers only, you also leave the original wrappers on.

How long is your transit time?
Transit time is based on your location from ours in New Jersey.  When you place your order, we will inform you of the shipping date.  We do our best to get your shipment out on the day we have scheduled.  If it will go out earlier or later, we will give you a call.

Once the order ships, we cannot control the shipping time of a package.  This includes Next day or 2nd Day delivery methods.  All orders are shipped with service that has a tracking or delivery confirmation number, so you will have the ability to see that we did our part to get it out on time.  Delivery delays are very rare.

Will you give refund on orders that are not received on time?
If we did not get the order out on time, then yes, we will accept return and give you a full refund.  For orders that were shipped on the time we schedule with you, will refund shipping costs only if the carrier does not fulfill their delivery guarantee.  US Priority mail does not offer guarantee, so we cannot refund shipping for orders shipped via Priority mail.  Rush order fees will not be rufunded for orders that were shipped on time.  Personalized items cannot not be returned or refunded.

We cannot be resposible, and there can be no refunds if delivery is delayed due to incorrect or incomplete addresses (including Suite, Floor or Apartment number)  Additionally, UPS charges a $10.00 address correction fee when an address change is made.  This charge will be invoiced and charged to you.

RUSH ORDERS PLEASE NOTE:   In order to ensure adequate shipping time, we suggest ordersing at least 7 days before you need your order in your hands.
If you need to place a last minute order, please note that we ship via a method that shows tracking information so you can see just when it left our facility.
Once it leaves our office, there isn't much we can do about the delivery except rely it will get delivered as per the service we sent.
UPS and USPS offer insurance so that if it isn't delivered at all, full refund will be made.   If it is delayed, for most reasons, we get a refund on the shipping that
we will pass on to you.  Both USPS and UPS do not offer transit time delay shipping refunds for weather related delays, or during a large portion of the month
of December for holiday tiime shipping.  Unfortunately, if you rush order is not delivered on time, we cannot accept returns or give credit for the personalized
merchandise after we have made sure we processed it so it was out in time on our end.

Can I get a free samples of your product?
We will be happy to send you a free sample of our wrappers so that you can see the quality.
Unfortunately, due to costs of shipping and processing, we are not able to offer free samples of our chocolate bars.  We will be happy to send a sample of the chocolate bar for a $5.00 processing fee, which is refundable with your order.  During summer months, the bar may melt in transit.  If it does, simply let it get to room temperature.  It may not look good, but we are sure you will find it still tastes delicious!

Why are you called A1Wrappers by Personalized by Design?
Our main company is Personalized by Design, we have several lines that we carry.  So, we decided to give each of our products their own special name!  We are in Suite A1 in our office building, so we named the personalized wrapper line  'A1 Wrappers'.

You can see our other lines by clicking our Logo at the top of each page on our site.

Do you Match Prices?
As much as we would like to, we do not.  Some of our competitors do sell wrappers and chocolate for a lower price, however we do not match their prices because we feel we have a superior quality of chocolate and better quality wrapper than most.  In addition, you will find that many often make up their 'lower' pricing with inflated shipping charges or 'set-up' fees.  As of right now, we have a set-up fee only for our Newspaper Design and for wrapper only orders made to fit for Hershey with Almond bars.  This is only because these requires more work than we anticipated.  We were going to discontinue the Newspaper design, but too many people requested that we keep it!

Please also keep in mind, we have excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE that is easily assessable!  We have our TOLL-FREE telephone number posted all over our web-site.  Other sites do not have a toll-free number, but more importantly do not list a phone number at all, so you may easily contact them!  This is a way they can lower costs with less customer interaction time!

Do you make the Wrappers for the HERSHEY® Miniatures?
Yes!  We can make minis to coordinate to your chocolate bar, or make them in design similiar to the large ones shown on our website,.  Mini wrappers are available on Glossy White, Silver or Gold Paper only.   The prices are $0.30 each for wrappers only and $0.50 each with chocolate.  The minimum is 100.

What is the payment method?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We also accept Money
Orders.  Due to some problems, we can no longer accept Personal Checks.  Money Orders should be made out to:
Personalized by Design  and mailed to:

Due to abuse of junk mail from companies gathing information from websites, please CALL for our mailing address.

What kind of paper do you use?
We use a bright white glossy paper for most of our Full color wrappers.
We also use Pastel colored Matte paper if you would like a colored background.
The printing is shiny on these papers!  A very complimentary combination.

We also offer beautiful Glossy PEARL and Metallic Glossy SILVER and GOLD paper.

I don't see a label that matches my needs or what I have in mind. Can you design a bar for me?
Personalized by Design will work with you to produce the wrapper design of your choice.
There will be a $5.00 per picture scanning charge if you would like to send us a picture to add to your
wrapper. If the photograph is from a professional photographer, it is your responsibility to
obtain permission for it to be copied. If you have a picture already in electronic form, you can
e-mail it and we will use it on your wrapper with no additional charge.
There is a minimum order quantity is 36 on custom designs and promotional offers are not applicable on special designs.
For custom order, we will send one proof.  Minor changes will be corrected and the orders will be shipped without a further proof.
There may be additional charges for excessive changes and proofs.

Can I change any part of the label?
Almost every part of every label can be customized to your specifications. Please include
exact instructions with your order. If Personalized by Design  has any questions, one of our
representatives will call you when the order is processed. Please note, that some font and
color choices may not look right with all designs. Personalized by Design will notify you if
we feel your choices do not work properly.

What about colors?
In most cases, Personalized by Design can incorporate any color you desire. It is important
to understand that some colors cannot be matched perfectly. On reorders, colors may vary
slightly from print run to print run. If color match is very important to you, we can send you
a proof prior to processing the order, but still exact color matches are not guaranteed.

Can you scan Logos/Photos or can I send them electronically?
Yes, we can scan a logo and/or Photo. There is a $5.00 scanning fee. However, there is no charge if it is
sent via either as a GIF, BMP or JPEG*, TIFF, PDF or PNG* (*preferred) file or on a CD or USB Storage Unit.  If Logo is a registered Trade Mark,
we will require written authorization (on letterhead bearing logo) or from an email address bearing the company name to reproduce on chocolate bar.

Please allow 7-10 days on Special/Custom designs

How come our picture/logo is used on  your website?
When you send a picture to Personalized by Design to put on a wrapper, we reserve the right to use the bar on our website.
We will however NOT use any personal identifying information.  We will not use actual last names or hometown information.
If you do not want us to use your picture on our site, please tell us while placing your order.  If you see your image on the site
and would prefer we do not use it, please contact us.  If it makes you uncomfortable, we will take it down.

I have my own idea for a wrapper, can you design it?
We will certainly try our best. Feel free to use your imagination! If you have a certain style,
picture or color in mind let us know and we will work together to make your wrapper

Can I mix and match ideas from your samples?
Certainly! We can mix and match to suit your needs.
If you like a graphic from one sample but the wording on another sample, we can switch
them around for you. Keep in mind, not all Fonts and pictures work with all designs!
We will inform you if we feel your choices don't exactly work together.

Can I see specific samples without any obligation?
Certainly! Our design samples are sent to you with no obligation on your side. However, we cannot set up bars
with custom design or your personal information until after a firm order is received.  After an order is placed,
we will send you a proof of your order for your review.  If you do not like the set up, we will work on it and
revise it until you do!  If you would like a personalized sample before placing an order, we require a $20.00
set up charge, which will be applied in full against your final order.

Can I see my wrapper for a final approval?
Yes! We will e-mail a graphic design for you to approve, if time permits, it can be sent
through the mail also.  There is a $5.00 charge for mailing the printed proof.

We reserve the right to charge revision fees if they become excessive or if the revisions requested are major from
the design as the customer originally request.  We normally have the design correct with one or two minor revisions.
More than that may require $10.00 revision fee(s).  If we are changing very minor points we do not send a scanned
proof with each change.  It is at our discretion whether we send a new proof based on minor revisions.  We may
also send only a screen shot, just to demonstrate information changes and tentative layout design.

Changing colors back and forth (to compare) is not something that we like to do.  It is time consuming and does add
to our labor costs.   Please have the idea of what colors you want upon placing your order.  As an example, if you ask us
to design in Red, and then want to see in Blue, the $10.00 revision fee applies--if you use the original color supplied.
(Our experience is customers usually pick the first color we showed them! So frankly, it is a waste of time and increases our product costs)

We will tell you upon your revision requests whether this it will require revision fees.

exactly as shown on the proof.  If there is a mistake that is overlooked on the proof, we will not reprint at
no cost.  As we understand mistake do sometimes occur, we will reprint wrappers at $0.50 (approx. 50%) each.
If you purchased bars, we will send replacement wrappers with a glue stick.

We suggest you order online  or  send personalization information via email or fax.
We do not guarantee accuracy and are not responsible for errors on information taken over the phone.

If there is an error that we deem ours, we will of course replace at no charge.

How do I avoid melting chocolate bars when shipping?
Depending on the weather conditions, we ship with a reusable ice pack. There is an
additional charge to pack with ice. If it is exceptionally warm or hot, we suggest ordering
wrappers only or shipping in a cooler. There is also a charge for the reusable cooler. It is
the customer's responsibility to inform us if it is exceptionally warm in your location.
We reserve the right to require expedited shipping method and cooler if we check the weather
and find the destination temperature is over 75 degrees.  Additional fees will be added to your order.

SAVE SHIPPING COSTS! Orders Wrappers only!  (Available for Hershey Milk Chocolate and Nestle Crunch bars)

What do I do if my bars melt?
As of yet, we have had only TWO melted orders--one was because we tried packing a different way than we normally did.
(And even then, only 4 bars melted).  This was WITHOUT a cooler!   And the other was delived to Texas in a cooler, but
was not delivered on the day it was supposed to by the CARRIER.  It was stuck over the weekend and that particular weekend they
had record breaking hot temperatures.  We no longer ship to warmer climates for a Friday delivery.

If, by some chance, the bars are left in the heat there is usually no problem if slight softening occurs.
Simply allow the bars to harden at a cool room temperature.  DO NOT FREEZE bars as this may
cause the bars to turn white and look like they are coated in powder.  (This does not affect the taste, but
it can make the chocolate look less appealing.) Bars can be placed in the refrigerator, but it is not
necessary (unless the room temperature will reach over 70 degrees).  The chocolate will harden when left at
a cool room temperature. You should avoid storing chocolate in the refrigerator as they may easily pick up
smells of food that is in there.  This also applies to storing them near anything that does give off an odor
(i.e.: in a closet near laundry detergents, paint, flowers etc.)

Store in a cool dry place away from anything that has a fragrance or odor. Avoid any
moisture or sudden temperature changes. Please keep in mind that chocolate melts at around 70

How can I contact Personalized by Design  if my question was not answered here?
E-mail us at: info@personalizedbydesign.com or call us at (800) 945-5522

If you would like, you can e-mail us with a time you would like to be contacted.

Privacy Policy/Terms of Service
The HERSHEY'S® trademark indicates products manufactured by HERSHEY® Food Corporation. There is no affiliation between HERSHEY® Food Corporation, their divisions or subsidiaries and Personalized by Design.  All designs and contents are copyrighted to Personalized by Design 1997-2011 and beyond!

All our designs can be adapted to various Occasions!
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