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All three companies are run together, so your charge card will say  Personalized by Design

    A1Wrappers are overwrapped Hershey bars, which are fully customized for your event.

   AlyssasKisses are stickers made to put on the bottom of Hershey Kisses.  There are a variety of other uses, so please visit the site.

   SeatingGreetings are made of a rich Belgian Chocolate and are produced to be used as Place Card table assignments for elegant affairs.

All our brands are sold through Personalized by Design.  Please remember this IMPORTANT NOTE:

Checks and Money orders should be made payable to: Personalized by Design

Credit Cards will appear on bill as:  Personalized by Design, regardless of which division items are purchased from.

  Personalized by Design
  1141 Greenwood Lake Tpk.
  Ringwood, NJ 07456

Main E-Mail:
  wrapperfavors @ aol . com

  Toll-Free:  800.945.5522
  In New Jersey:  973.728.7040